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Corporate vision
1. Company objectives Doll Japan aims to increase corporate value by creating useful and socially positive products and services. Consumer safety is our primary concern.
2. Company practices Doll Japan diligently observes the governmental and international regulations regarding business practices and ethical responsibilities.
3. Employee rights Doll Japan does not discriminate, condone any abuse or criminal treatment of any employee regardless of race, age, religion or sexual orientation. Additionally, we ensure a comfortable work environment by personnel training courses and stringent enforcement of company policies to protect our employees.
4. Transparency In order to maintain in good standing with the proper authorities and our investors, Doll Japan fully cooperates in the disclosure of necessary documents and information as well as encourage our business partners to comply with transparency laws.
5. Environmental responsibilities In showing our commitment to improving the quality of life in our society and environment, Doll Japan strongly opposes projects that have adverse effects on the community and the natural environment's ecological system. Our goal is self-sustainable development without harm to the environment.
6. Social contributions Doll Japan strives to contribute to society by emphasizing community awareness for personnel and working with social leaders to involve our company/employees in supporting our local community needs and organizations.

*Doll Japan's ethics premise

The Doll Japan organization and leadership observe all domestic and international laws and regulations governing business integrity, fairness, ethics and safety. We are committed to business professionalism.

Matters of observance
1. Doll Japan does not condone any type of discrimination or harassment of any kind.
2. Doll Japan cooperates with environmental organizations to promote and help improve global awareness of environmental issues.
3. Doll Japan strickly enforces the rules and regulations regarding fairness and proper business practices.
4. Doll Japan complies with international business laws and ethical standards.
5. Doll Japan uses reliable state of the art security systems and internal controls to adequately protect sensitive company information as well as the privacy rights of clients, partners, and staff.
6. Doll Japan does not approve of, nor condone any "criminal" behavior such
as "insider trading" or any other illegal business practices. Internal controls are strickly enforced.
7. Doll Japan's executive management is professionally non-corruptable. All transactions are transparent and supervised.
8. Doll Japan provides timely and accurate financial data to better demonstrate transparency in accounting practices.
9. Doll Japan appreciately rewards contributions and ideas that improve on company performance and better efficiency in compliance with established laws.
10. Doll Japan doesn't negotiate, participate nor tolerate any corrupt organizations or illegal operations.
11. Doll Japan's senior management reviews any acts, transactions, or questionable activities with all necessary parties to ensure prompt and effective response to any discrepencies.

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