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A Message From The New President...

I have become the new President of Doll Japan. I will continue to provide the same quality of company management as the company is known for and respected.
The founders have created a company based on honesty and trust. To make profits from legitimate business practices, social responsibility and in harmony with the needs of consumers. Doll Japan's goals of providing answers to the world community and in the best interest of society have continued since the establishment of the business. Based on the company's doctrine of being generous to the social environment, creating an honest business and the challenge of initiating a new corporate business culture. The environment surrounding society and the economy is always changing. I have regarded change as a new opportunity to grow from the beginning until sustainable development.
Doll Japan wants to share this opportunity with society and select employees in achieving this vision.
Please expect no less from the Doll Japan group.

Fumihiko Matsuzaki

1953 I was born in the coal mining town of Kushiro, Hokkaido. I was a student at Sapporo North Senior High School and was an active member of the judo team.
1971 Accepted in the National Defense Academy; Major: Applied Physics.
I was the starting quarterback for the American football team.
1976 Upon graduation, I received a Ground Self-Defense Force appointment. A career-ending injury during an interleague game against US Forces-Japan caused my retirement and I entered Tokyo University for postgraduate studies. I joined the Medical Mutual Aid Society and I became the forerunner of the Medical Draft Society during my attendance.
Graduation from Tokyo University. I decided to pursue a medical degree during my activities with the Medical Mutual Aid Society and reentered medical studies.
1986 I entered Shinshu University Medical Department.
1993 Graduation from Shinshu University Medical Department; National Doctorate examination certification and acceptance to the Shinshu University Ophthalmology Medical Office; Opened Kinshi Eye Clinic.
1995 I attended Stanford University's medical corporation establishment course.
1999 Stanford University ophthalmology BS course completion.
Dr.Toru Yahagi

 Recognized Awards                                  
American Society of Cataract Refractive Surgery (ASCRS)
Gold Award
Received in Boston for distinguished contribution to refraction treatment
The 25th recepient and first Japanese surgeon awarded
American Ophthalmology Society (AAO)
Honorable - Pioneer Prize
Received in Anaheim, for pioneering work in LASIK technology
Dr. Yahagi was awarded for his in tiger research
American Society of Cataract Refractive Surgery (ASCRS)
World Top Doctor Award 2006
Received in San Francisco, for great achievement in contributing to the
field of ophthalmology by performing the first†in tiger - LASIK surgery in Japan
American Society of Cataract Refractive Surgery (ASCRS)
Winning Article Prize (BPOS)
Received in San Diego
Awarded for the best article regarding cornea refraction surgery
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