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Fine Thread Ophthalmology dealt with the procedures to correct nearsightedness. In those days, that type of operation was rarely performed in Japan.

It was reserved for examinations for medical insurance and treatment of myopia. Doll Japan, once regarded as a company to manufacture facial expressions for robots and mechanical support staff, was also considered in support tasks for Fine Thread Ophthalmology.

When joint development with a university was delayed due to control system problems, the treatment of nearsightedness and Fine Thread Ophthalmology attracted the attention of Dr. Yahagi.

Patients began coming from all over the country put tremendous pressure on the managing director to suspend and finally abandon the robot development section.


Fine Thread Ophthalmology was transformed into the corporation, "Medical Draft Society".
The organization moved from Kinshicho, Sumida-ku to Shimbashi, Tokyo. Expansion established branches in Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Sendai, and even Sapporo.
Along with the growth of our organization, was the need to employ the best trained staff possible.
Many of our staff were sent to the USA for training and qualification in the latest, technically advanced methods and equipment. As managing director, I also improved my skills and business knowledge.
Doll Japan created a web page in order to provide information and research to medical professionals in this field. As well as, worked on a book publication, sales, lecturing, in addition to, establishing independent companies such as the "Kinshi Laser Center" and "Asahi Publishing Company".

Doll Japan began the present medical supplies field aimed at the development of anticancer agents and enhancement of conventional medicine. Also dwelving into education, publishing, cemetery burial lots, real estate, investments, apparel, and a restaurant. In satisfying our stock listing standard of growth rate and sales, the Tokyo Stock Exchange offering Doll Japan a position is quite foreseeable and expected. Our staff eagerly await opportunities to travel abroad and emphasize Doll Japan's 3 mottos of business: Creativeness, Fearlessness, and Fairness. With our focus and obligation, Doll Japan hopes to forever be an active and effective company in contributing to society.

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