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Management Plan
The aim of our company management plan is to continuously improve corporate value and sustain growth as a global business company. In addition, develop ways to contribute to society and the environment.

In these times of severe business uncertainty, it is most important to solidify our stability by proper timing in training and focusing on growth for the future. To make experienced, productive, and intelligent company decisions not only for profit, but to raise the quality of business integrity.

Furthermore, CSR (corporate social responsibility), is more an obligation than before in order to meet the demands of consumer social interests. In respect to the environment, we develop businesses that represent social sustainable growth and programs that contribute to the environment through earth-friendly business fields.

Company Goal
*True global development to capitalize on worldwide profit potential.
*To use new concepts and open new fields to increase business opportunities.
*Recruit talented professionals, and nurture their abilities and build their business skills.

Company Strategy Reinforcement Points
(1) Recruitment of highly qualified professionals
(2) Foreign business development
(3) Maintain core business stability
(4) Utilize the international community to create new business markets
(5) Financial independence and asset management
(6) Effective risk management
(7) Governance and internal control policies
(8) Reinforcement of CSR (corporate social responsibility)

Business Strategy
Thorough strategic planning of all business areas and selective business decisions
in order to replace existing business with positive asset alternatives. Our ideas are
designed to establish a strong revenue base and increase business value by the
reinforcement of business strategies and proper business practices.

Annual Sales Results

2006 totals: 520,000,000
2007 totals: 810,000,000 all totals in yen
2008 totals: 2,450,000,000 (as of Oct.)

Annual Profit Results

2006 totals: 90,000,000
2007 totals: 180,000,000 all totals in yen
2008 totals: 1,380,000,000 (as of Oct.)

Company information
Management | Business concept | Company History | Presidential profile | Corporate vision
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