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Medical Draft Kinshi eye clinic  The Kinshi Eye Clinic was established by Representative Director of Doll Japan, Dr. Toru Yahagi in 1993 with 100% financing. Primarily for fine thread ophthalmology and to perform myopia and laser refractive surgery. The medical institution is experiencing national sucess and has branched to five locations throughout Japan.

The Laser Center  Was established by Dr. Toru Yahagi and Doll Japan with 100% financing in 1998. It provides information about refractive surgery, publications and lectures. In addition to disemination of research data.

Yoshiki sole Co. Ltd., Mananging Director-Doll Japan, Dr. Toru Yahagi and Shinshu University Medical Department Physioloy Professor Shozo Koyama jointly established Yoshi sole, a medical supplies development firm with 51% and 49% personal financing respectively.
Yoshiki sole Co. Ltd., a family patent corporation, has already secured patents in Russia, Korea, EU, Canada and the USA for a strong anti-cancer chemical substance discovered by Prof. Koyama.

Medical Development Associates Co.Ltd., Established in 1998 in the state of California, USA, with 100% independent financing by Medical Draft Society. MDA Co. Ltd. primarily imports and exports medical instruments it develops.

Auty Support Established with 100% financing in 2003. Auty Support's business expertise is Management Consultation, Investments, also Event Planning and Coordination.

Asahi Book Co. Ltd.  Founded by Doll Japan with 100% financing in 1998. Asahi Book Company was designed to handle a large area of publishing responsibilities however, the publishing division shifted to Wisdom Book Company.

Cosmo Real Estate & Land Development Co.
 Cosmo Real Estate is a land development company owned and operated by Doll Japan. Doll Japan's investment and management section has produced several properties in Japan
such as the Higashishinbashi medical site in Shiodome, Nakameguro Atlas Tower business suites, Osaka, Sapporo and Komyo-ji Temple in Ito City, Shizuoka prefecture.

Do Justice 
An apparal design and manufacturing subsidiary of Doll Japan, Do Justice has created a new fashion called, KIMONO WESTERN that fuses traditional Kimono styles, colors, textures and motifs with classic American western shirts. Do Justice also produces pants, shorts, skirts, bags and accessories. Currently housed in the Doll Japan main operations location but, opening soon in 2009 to a new home office and factory near Nakameguro station.

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